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    product name: 3W LED Down Light
    Model : GP-TH0301-220W08
     download PDF: 3W LED Down Light.pdf
  Products description

Name: 3W LED Down Light



Dimension: Ф88×H50mm
Lamp inner diameter: Ф78mm
Power:3W LED Down Light
Input voltage: AC90-260V
Color:cold white,warm white,(red,blue,yellow,green)
Luminous flux: cool white 190lm,warm white 160lm
Color temperature:cool white 5600-6500K,warm white 2700-3500K,
Operating temperature: -20℃~40℃
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Product Features:
1,High efficiency and energy saving, save 80% energy than traditional incandescent lamp.
2,Good-quality lens,beam focus,directional lighting,it can meet the requirements of key lighting.
3,The high-quality LED chips, precision encapsulation,high CRI,no color difference and light spot.
4,Special light angle mixed design.
5,DO not contain mercury、lead and other harmful metals,No ultraviolet or infrared.
6,Life span reaches longer than 50000 hours.

Product Installation:
unlock the screw of power supply firstly, then connect wire of power supply to light, tighten the screws finally

3W LED Down Light Aplications:
Corridor, architecture, windows Gallery, furniture, museums, exhibition, banks, hotels, schools, bookstores

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