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    product name: 3w LED Spotlight
    Model : GP-DBE270301-220W03
     download PDF: 3w LED Spotlight.pdf
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Name: 3w LED Spotlight



Operating voltage: AC/DC 12V
Full Range Of Color:cold white,warm white,red,blue,yellow,green
Working Temperature:-20℃~40℃
Luminous Flux: 130lm-180lm
Color Temperature:cool white 5600-6500K,warm white 2700-3500K,
Lamp Base:E27

3w LED Spotlight Features:
1.High efficiency light source, LED High-power.
2.Voltage (AC/DC12V),  broadband (50/60Hz) input, constant current drive, no flash, fast response to achieve over-current, overload, no-load protection, use of safety
3.High thermal-conductivity thermal aluminum, modern design
4.Light efficiency, low power consumption, than the traditional halogen, incandescent energy saving 80%, compared with 50% energy saving lamp
5.No UV radiation, mercury and other harmful substances, environmental protection
6.Optional color temperature: warm white, cool white
7.Long life, up to 20,000 hours or more

Product Application:
3w LED Spotlight Mainly used in hotels,entertainment venues,shoping mails, Family  room,office bulding,window shop,display cabinet and other decorative.



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