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    product name: T8 LED Tube GPT81215
    Model : GPT81215
     download PDF: T8 LED Tube GPT81215.pdf
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Name:T8 LED Tube GPT81215




Power Consumption:15W
Color Temperature:2700-3500K  5500-6500K
Luminous flux (transparent):1560lm  1620lm
Luminous flux (frosted):1380lm  1420lm
Input Voltage:100-240VAC / 100-130VAC / 200-240VAC                        
Power Factor:>0.95                            
Beam Angle:180°                            
Lifespan:>40,000 hrs                            
Housing material:Aluminum + PC                            
Storing Temperature:-40~+60℃                            
Working Temperature:-20~+40℃                            
Working Environment:Indoor                            
Lamp Base:G13                            
Dimension:Ф26xL 1212mm    

Product Features:
1,High light efficiency and save energy:The light efficiency of lamp is more than 85LM/W,can save 80% power than the traditional tube.
2,Uniform color:This product adopts the automatic powdering technology to insure the uniformity of light color.
3,High color rendering:Color rendering index above 85.
4,Good radiating effect:This product adopts a modularization design to insure the efficiency of heat emission.
5,Green and environmental protection:DO not contain mercury、lead and other harmful metals,No ultraviolet or infrared.
6,Long serviceable life:Ensuring the life in 40,000 hours above.

Product Application:
Widely apply to Hospitals、Supermarket、Museum、School、Computer room、Bank、Subway、Exhibition hall、Hotel etc.



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