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    Choose and Buy LED lamps and lanterns    [ 2011-07-31 ]

1 to facilitate theprinciple:most peoplehave experiencedthe embarrassment ofreplacingceilinglight bulbs:stepping onthe table,march

    LED Panel presentations and related knowledge    [ 2011-07-31 ]

LED Panel is a high-end interior lighting, its external border is made from aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation, the light source f

    How to Select LED waterproof power supply    [ 2011-07-31 ]

LED waterproof power supply is one type of LED drive power, which is the voltage converter converting the power supply to a partic

    How to calculate the installation costs of LED strip?    [ 2011-07-31 ]

        led strip get its name because its shape like a band, it is to assemble the leds onto

    The Differences between Flexible LED Light Bar and Rigid Str    [ 2011-07-31 ]

With the development of SMD LED, the application of SMD LED is becoming more and more widely. The main application of SMD LED nowa

    Nine benefits of LED bulbs    [ 2011-07-31 ]

1, pure colors: LED Strip Light uses high brightness SMD LED as light emitting devices, hence, have the advantages of LED light em

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