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positioning accurately ,focusing on the channels

The fierce competition between LED upper and middle reaches accelerates the economic era of LED applications. The rapid decline in prices is likely to make customers hesitate, while once the price is stable, the demand will be in the peak. The demand of various types of lighting applications will be released, including outdoor lighting and indoor commercial lighting.

Xiamen Guangpu will benefit in the maximum extent in its strategic position in the early start of LED lighting applications. Our company focuses on the LED lighting application technology and its investment for the middle reaches is limited. when other aspects of the industry margin compresses, we will make a profit in the LED lighting application ;our company emphases on the mastery of channels and will be dependent on these projects when in the early age of LED application start;the active EMC's new business model will promote engineering orders for implementation.

There are some kinds of potential business including outdoor lighting, interior lighting, and backlight in 2012. The lighting business is expected to high-growth because of the industry-driven element, and what’s more, the brand and channel investment attract the entry of customers and distributors. The next one to two years is a critical period for indoor commercial lighting to determine the market structure.


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