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LED Panel Illumination Will be the Mainstream in the Future

The seventeenth session in 2012 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition "was held during June 9 -12 in the largest exhibition hall in Asia - China Import and Export Fair (Guangzhou). Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is the world lighting industry benchmark, the world's top companies, the latest products and technologies in this convergence in this show, LED intelligent lighting to attract the public's eye, compared to the last Legco Guangya Exhibition balanced promotion efforts of many vendor exhibits of this exhibition, is no longer the main commercial lighting products LED fluorescent tube, down lamp, ceiling lamp, thriving, LED bulb lights, panel lights gradually play a leading role in the show. It can be seen, many manufacturers for October this year, looking forward to launch market space vacated by the market incandescent. Among them, the Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. 
, together with its leading products, ultra-thin down light panel lights flashing to attack the current Guangya Exhibition.

Company Marketing Director Lee Eun said that in the future panel light would definitely be a mainstream lighting, and it would replace the fence lamp, because the fence lamp illumination, uniformity is not enough, it was photographed shadow, which was a light shining down there would make no shadow. Therefore, compared with traditional fence lamp, this lamp has an absolute advantage. The author learned from the exhibition hall on the Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. 
, the company the exhibitors to bring such a latest LED panel light enough to replace the traditional fence lights the G-Panel which has the following characteristics:
(1) professional light distribution design, and light to achieve uniformity of 95%
(2) high light efficiency 80lm / W, low light decay
(3) external isolating switch, constant current driver, flicker free
(4) The slim and lightweight, the thinnest up to 6.5mm
(5) The shell is made of high strength aluminum, the surface anti-static thermoplastic coating, corrosion resistance, diverse antioxidant installation: embedded, lifting, ceiling
(6) adjustable light, adjustable color temperature
(7) life up to 40,000 hrs
(8) products comply with CE and Rohs certification requirements

Three major advantages of the G-Panel:

First, the thickness is of the lowest degree. In particular, the homogeneity of the products, the dimmable adjustable color temperature of the product in terms of the then paragraph thickness is the lowest.
Second, the stability of the thermostat, adjusting color and the highest, in addition, the uniformity of the product is quite high. Products by nine grid test, the brightness with the illumination of each cell houses in recent trends consistent with the error value is only 5 percent, the uniform value of up to 95%, ie, the uniformity is even more than TV more uniform.
Third, in the color inside the process, it is not in two rows, but a row. In other words, in the color process, it is not a row of lamp posts to change the color, but the changes of the two color lamppost, and very smooth.

According to Lee, director of which plate lights can automatically adjust through a wireless remote control cold, warm white transition. This exhibition carry only a representative of the product, the next Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. 
 do not just this one, but in the whole intelligent regulation. Take another look at Mr. Lee also introduced, currently in the market, LED panel lights, panel lights in the part of the tune brightness, in general, as long as it is less than 15%, there will be flash reporter at the scene with subsection The wireless remote control of the flat-panel configuration transferred to the light by 10%, there is no flash. It can be said that this section of the optical of Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. 
 production stability of the dimming is very high. Can do that, thanks to all here, the light source are in fact Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. 
 production, Lee even said that the Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. 
, the company's confidence in the light source is much larger than the confidence of the lighting. Our dimmable power supply is stable Moreover, then, we light good arrangement. So, when we put it to the brightest, adjust the color temperature of the process will be very smooth, from cold white to warm white. the whole process does not have any obstacles. So, you buy a lamp, in fact, bought two light, cold white and warm white. “

Surging in the optoelectronics industry today, Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd.  still stick to their belief, and pick up the pace towards a brighter, and more energy efficient, more beautiful tomorrow.

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