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Xiamen Guangpu Electronic co.,Ltd for Middle-level Cadre

     During May, the 12th to July the 25th, Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd held the first training class as to raise the ability of the internal staffs and the workpiece ratio. President Lady Lin Ruimei and general manager Lin Wenkun paid much attention to this training which was focused on encourage and progress of staffs. It is sure that this training shows the advanced spirit of human resource. And thirteen excellent middle-level cadres were picked out and participated into this important training.

    This training class was concentrated on the progress of the management of company and the supervisory capability of the middle-level cadres. Besides, it is hoped that, they can accept advanced management conception and application so that they may enhance their management level and working efficiency. Marketing director Mr. Li and another more than ten experienced supervisors imparted their knowledge and opinion as possibly as they could on professional image and business rites to them. These participants not only got lots of valuable management experience and skills, but also got correct answers about what they feel confused during their work. Furthermore, the training class gave them a brand new cognition on proficiency of technological skill and rules for management system. So they can strengthen motivation of study and obligation; all will do well for the development of the company.

    On July the 26th, the first class of, Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd was crowned with complete success. At last the managing director made a wonderful conclusion at the commencement, which enlightened all the staffs.



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